4 Effective Benefits of Emergency Plumbing Service

One of the most encountered problem by home-owners is plumbing issues that can no longer wait for the next day repairs. The moment you realize that your drains and kitchen sinks are overflowing is quite disgusting. There is great need to resolve and repair the drain clogs or damaged pipes as soon as possible. For this, you may be call emergency plumbers in Toronto who can help you survive the discomfort associated with clogged drains.


What actually is emergency plumbing?

As the name suggests, it is a situation that needs prompt response. If your sink is overflowing, the chances are that soon the kitchen floor will become wet and you’ll run out of water. Since most of the plumbing repairs peep out when they are least expected, they require emergency plumbing service. By calling a company that offers emergency repairs, you can deal with midnight leaks too. Regardless of time and weather, a Toronto emergency plumber will reach your place with a priority.

Some benefits that can be enjoyed by calling emergency plumbing service are:

1. Saves time: As plumbers will reach you within the shortest possible time, there is no need to wait until the next day. This will save you with time and hassles. In case, you are facing an issue of burst pipes, clogged drains, leaky faucets, or any other serious issue, a professional will bring back everything to normal.

2. Fast response: This is what an emergency service is actually meant for i.e. promptness and promise to arrive as fast as possible. An expert well knows what an emergency is and therefore, is always ready to serve with everything he has.

3. Modern equipment: With technology changing and improving at a fast pace, many new methods and tools have come up that are effective in dealing with every kind of drain issues. An emergency plumber remains equipped with all necessary tools and equipments that can solve your problem in lesser time with no risk for damages.

4. Affordable service: Alike all other services offered by drain cleaning company in Toronto, emergency plumbing is an affordable one that can be availed by anyone. You don’t need to spend a lot on repairs or any replacements. In addition to this, by availing emergency plumbing service, one can resolve the root of the problem to prevent it later in the future.

These are some of the proven benefits offered by emergency plumbing service. Since drains and sinks are crucial home elements, maintain them regularly to ensure proper water flow.

Santos Water & Drain Service is a leading plumbing company that is proudly serving both residential and commercial clients in Toronto with effective drain cleaning, snaking, inspection and sump pump services among others at affordable costs.


Harmful Effects Of Chemical Cleaning On Drainage System

Drain cleaning is essential to prevent the water from backing up in the sewage pipes. Saving money is no doubt crucial, but comprising with the quality of cleaning just for saving a few bucks doesn’t sound appropriate. Moreover, there are few things that should not at all be compromised with.

When it comes to home maintenance, drainage system is one of the essential element that should be focused upon. Cleaning it regularly is crucial to provide an unrestricted flow of water. Using harsh chemicals to overcome the issue of clogged drains is an ideal way of saving money, but its regular use can greatly degrade the life of a drain pipe.

cropped-drain-plumbing-banner.jpgThough one can save money by using chemicals instead of professional cleaning, the results achieved may not be efficient or long lasting. To improve the performance of a drain, its essential to clean it using power flushing or hydro jet techniques. In case any of your residential drain pipes are clogged, avoid the forth coming problems by getting them cleaned from experienced plumbers or Toronto drain cleaners.

Few reasons not to use chemicals are:

1. Highly Toxic: Almost all chemicals are toxic in nature and can cause various damages to pipes and health risks to a family. Their contact and after use effects can cause irritation in eyes, nose, throat and skin. Chemical usage is injurious both to animal and human health.

2. Pipe Damage: Due to the presence of hydrochloric acid, these chemical liquids or powders can create large holes in the iron pipes, thereby causing costly damage. Since acids eat up the enamel present on the surface of sinks, pipes and bathtubs, even a minor damage will ask for complete replacement.

3. Environmental Damage: Chemical usage is harmful to environment and natural deposits. This is the only reason why certain chemicals are being banned in various countries. By getting mixed with water sources, they can turn them into toxic. The use of this contaminated water causes various health and hygiene issues in humans and animals. Instead of using harsh liquid cleaners, go for a home-made solution of baking soda and water which is both effective and eco-friendly.

4. Septic Damage: In order to get smooth running drainage system, its crucial to induce natural bacterial growth in septic tanks that helps in breaking down the waste material. By using chemical cleaners, these bacteria’s get killed and eventually the process of breakdown disrupts. To avoid the complete drainage system failure, its highly recommended not to use chemical cleaners.

These were the few harmful effects of using drain chemical cleaners. From the above discussion, its quite clear that chemicals can disrupt the natural flow of drains and can degrade the pipe materials. Santos Water & Drain Service is a premier plumbing company in Toronto that offers wide range of reliable and efficient drain cleaning , plumbing installation and power flushing services for residential and commercial clients at affordable prices.

4 Methods For Drain and Pipe Cleaning During Winters

freeze-pipe_There are many essential home repairs and maintenance tasks that needs to be done before the oncoming of winter season, especially if you are a responsible homeowner. Among them, an important one is paying timely attention to the plumbing repairs. As the temperature goes on, dropping, more things are prone to go wrong due to frozen and clogged pipes.

Any difficulty or clog may arise in an unexpected moment. Cold and freezing weather is harmful to both the kitchen pipes and drains. In case a pipe isn’t draining out water, there may be some drainage problem. If you find trouble while dealing with residential drains or other plumbing needs, call the professional plumbers in Toronto for effective service.

Few ways for winter drain and pipe cleaning are:

insulate-water-pipes1. Insulate Pipes: In case, the pipes or faucets in your home are located underground or in unheated areas, such as a garage or crawl space, there’s great need to wrap them for proper insulation. This technique can act as a defensive measure for winter air and can prevent a drain from freezing.

2. Close Exterior Vents: Most of the exterior vent pipes are left open, such as those attached to a basement. This can cause cold air to enter inside, that can compel the pipes to freeze. It’s advised to close these vents in winter, to avoid the entrance of cold air.

3. Open Cabinets: Opening up the kitchen and bathroom cabinets will allow the warm air to reach down the pipes. This can help in warming up the pipes to a little extent. This is highly helpful when the temperature drops down in winters. Avoid using chemicals for cleaning the clogged drains, as they can further deteriorate the condition.

4. Clean the Drain: Drain cleaning is an essential aspect of regulatory maintenance. Regular cleaning or power flushing has a great importance, especially during winters. Its necessary to follow preventive measures for avoiding a drain from backing up. Most possibly, grease can build up quickly in kitchen pipes due to oily mixtures and food scraps. These buildups can cause large obstructions or serious clogs. To prevent all these issues, try to clean both the drain and pipes on a regular basis.

These were the few methods to be followed for cleaning and maintaining drains system during winters. Santos Water is a leading plumbing company in Toronto that offers top quality drain cleaning, hydro jetting and plumbing installation services for both residential and commercial needs at affordable prices.

5 Easy Plumbing Maintenance Tips Shared By Santos Water

Pipe Leaking

A leaking pipe in the kitchen or bathroom can cause lot of inconvenience. Moreover, plumbing problems are highly responsible for walls and floor damages. To prevent moist walls, it’s essential to maintain and upkeep all water outlets and drain pipes. To improve efficiency and avoid clogs, there’s need to follow maintenance tips. Knowing a few basic plumbing tricks can help a lot in reducing possible damages to a structure.

Few handy tips that are helpful in making repairs easier are:

1. Inspect for water leaks: Small water leaks, if neglected can lead to bigger and costlier problems. Never ignore signs such as dripping taps, leaking faucets, damp cabinets, etc. as they can soon turn out to become expensive repairs. Do a monthly inspection of water tanks, outlets, drains and sewer pipes. Get all these problems repaired at once from expert plumbers.

2. Early repairs: A mild leaking faucet can cause water to leak into the walls or onto the floor that can lead to moisture and mold growth. Early repairs are necessary to avoid structural damages. Another problem area that’s mostly ignored is damage caused by a leaking dishwasher. To spot a plumbing leak in kitchen, pull the leaking appliance away from walls or replace its door seal twice a year. Furthermore, small puddles of water can be more problematic compared to larger ones.

plumbing-problems-clogged-sink3. Know how to respond to overflows: If water is pouring out of washbasin, toilet or bathtub, locate the main shut-off valve that cuts off the water supply to the entire home. If you know some of the easy repairs, try to apply them. In case, you don’t know anything about pipes or drains, call a emergency plumbing technician.

4. Turn off the electric appliances: Since water is a bad conductor of electricity, it’s responsible for causing major electric shocks. To avoid the dangers, it’s advised to shut the water supply and turn off the electric appliances that are placed near to leakage spot. This will reduce potential damages, dangers and cleaning efforts.

5. Know the piping material: Water pipes are made up of various materials that are both strong and durable. If your home was built many years ago, it might be having underground galvanized iron pipes. They are prone to rust and corrode with time. Know the material that was used in constructing the drain pipes in your home. If its iron, get them replaced by a specialist to avoid massive underground leakage.

These were the few maintenance tips that should be kept in mind before dealing with plumbing and drainage issues. Santos Water is a renowned water and plumbing company in GTA that offers wide range of commercial and residential plumbing installations, repairs and drain cleaning services.

3 Important Things You Should Know About Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Expert

In today’s busy and hectic schedule, one doesn’t have enough time to care about inspecting or maintaining home elements which results in frequent repairs of various materials including drains and plumbing pipes. As a homeowner, it’s probably impossible to carry such repairs. Therefore, it’s a good decision to hire a plumbing expert to get a drain or pipe cleaned. A healthy drain system is essential for preventing bad odors, flooding and clogs.

Few areas of concern are:

Old Pipes: Old pipes can cause great damage to foundation as they are more prone to break. Even if a home was built just a few years ago, there are chances that the underground sewage it uses may be present from past many years. Though underground pipes, are designed to stay for longer, it doesn’t mean they’ll stay forever. The sewage pipes are built to carry a lot of load on daily basis, which compel us to maintain them. To avoid any complicated drain problems, it’s crucial to inspect and maintain the old pipes. If they are presently leaking, get them sealed or replaced.

Materials: Majority of older pipes, possibly the underground ones were manufactured using clay and concrete. These materials were cost cutting and environment friendly, but didn’t have a longer life. Still, some of the drain pipes are made from this material which are prone to deteriorate over time. Though these pipes are sufficient enough to allow water and sewage to run through, they do nothing to prevent underground roots that grows directly inside the pipes. These growths can build up large clogs that can block a drain badly. To prevent such serious water flow issues, it’s mandatory to use pipes made of durable steel material.

Drain Cleaning: Maintenance helps a lot in avoiding damage and expensive repairs. Removing the main culprit of the problem is crucial for healthy flowing drain pipes. This can be achieved by taking help of plumbing companies. Many sewer cleaning experts use drain snakes for deep and thorough cleaning, which can further cause many complications. Therefore, hiring a specialized company that follows various drain cleaning practices can be contacted for effective and long term solutions. Such companies are equipped with modern tools and techniques, and have plenty of experience to deal with every type of drain problem. Cleaned pipes play an important role in restoring the performance of the sewer functioning system.

These were the few areas of concern which every homeowner should keep in mind to ensure a proper maintained drainage system. Santos Water offers a wide range of high quality drain and plumbing services in Toronto, including commercial and residential plumbing installations and drain snake.

Effective Drain Cleaning Tips For Clogged Pipes

Emergency-Drain-CleaningThe drain is a crucial part of the home sewerage system and needs to be kept clean to avoid problems like unpleasant odor or a clogged pipe. These problems are a sure sign indicating that it is in danger state and will be blocked any time. Drain cleaning is one of the most important steps in maintaining your home health.

If sink in your home isn’t allowing the fluid to move through it properly, then there is a need to call emergency drain cleaning professionals Toronto to solve the problem. The best way to avoid problems is to flush all residential pipes twice a year.

Few suggestions to follow for clogged pipes:

1. Handling the Problem: The first step in the cleaning process is removing the material that is causing the clog. It can be encountered by flushing the lines using high-powered water pressure. This will push the clogged material into the sewer. For better results, chemicals can be used as they help in breaking up hard materials that are stuck inside the pipe. If the clogged material still doesn’t move, then, there is the need to hire professional plumbing services that may use a professional snake equipment to push the material out of the lines.

treeroots_012. Inspect the Lines: There might be a consistent clogging problem with a line, if it is composed of a tree root structure or thorns in it. The pipes that have jig jagged cuts can allow fluids and other materials to get caught in the corners, thereby causing regular clogging. Professional cleaners can use cameras and visual instruments to inspect any damage to the lines. If found, they’ll repair it. But to avoid this problem in the near future, get the jig jag pipes replaced with straight ones. If you are financially sound, then hire plumbers and drain installation contractors to completely replace the lay out pipes of the drainage system.

3. Prevention Methods: It is always advised to prevent a problem rather than waiting to get it worse. There is the need to maintain the drains to allow them to function properly. Ask an expert to offer suggestions on how to maintain a drain in order to avoid problems. The simplest trick that can help is, not disposing of the garbage waste into a sewer pipe. Guide your family members and kids to avoid pumping material into them.

A clogged sewer is nothing to deal with but it is something that needs to be handled with care and safety. Calling a licensed plumbing company for drain cleaning ensures that the problem is well-handled and the further risk to occurring again is reduced. Drains aren’t easy to manage and some of its services are quite expensive.

These are the few suggestions that need to be followed while dealing with a clogged sewage system. Santos water and drain services, Toronto is a registered plumbing company that offers high-quality residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning services.

6 Homemade Remedies For Drain Cleaning

drain cleaning emergency

Most of us may have gone through the reckless problem of drain clogs. The major cause of drain clogging is chemical concentration, grease accumulation and food residue buildup. These clogs can even require repair or professional cleaning, which may disturb your budget. To save yourself from big trouble never ignore the warning signs of drain clogging. Before seeking any professional help, use some home made tips to unclog your drain pipes.

6 Most effective homemade drain cleaning tips include:

1. Hot water cleaning: Though seems to be simple, hot water cleaning can clean your clogged or dirty drains allowing them to return to peak performance. Flush your drain pipes with hot water and a combination of water pressure, force and heat to dislodge clogged materials. Follow this technique for about 15 minutes for an effective result.

2. Liquid Cleaners: If hot water cleaning doesn’t work well, you can try cleaning clogged drains using homemade liquid cleaners. These solutions can break down and dislodge buildup. They also come with less risk of pipe damage or deterioration. The most effective mixture is vinegar and baking soda, which when combined reacts to break down accumulations within pipes. Pour a cup of this mixture into your drain pipe with 3 minutes time-span.

3. Sugared Sodas: Sugary sodas and soft drinks can resolve common drain clogs. Phosphoric acid included in soda can break clogged debris. It is considered safer and effective than other commercial cleaners.

maxresdefault4. Drain Snake: This tool is used by professional plumbers to relieve clogged and drain pipes. It doesn’t need any expert to handle and use this tool. It is easy to use and handy. If drain clogging and accumulation is a common problem for you, then you must buy this for home use. The drain snake is made to run in your clogged pipes by turning the handle clockwise. Rotate the snake against blockage to latch clogged materials. Then slowly pull out the drain snake to remove clogs.

5. Bent Wire Hanger: Take a wired hanger and stretch to straighten it. Then, bend an end to create a hook like structure. Put this hanger into the drain pipe. All types of stuff will stick inside the hook and you can stuff it out then. Do this same for several times until you are able to unclog the drain.

6. Dish Detergent: If your kitchen drain is clogged, pour 1/4 cup of dish detergent in a bowl with hot water mixture. This solution will act as a lubricant to break up any greasy residue. Then take some hot water and plunge the pipe with the help of a rod.

Drain cleaning is a messy job and if any of your drain pipes get clogged, you’ll need professional help. Before hiring any professional, try these homemade remedies. Santos water is a drain cleaning service in Toronto with experienced and licensed cleaners who provides you with effective drain service.