Excerpts from An Interesting Plumbing Discussion – Read On…

364e7Is there any homeowner in the Toronto area who has never faced any plumbing issue? Aaahh Well! I doubt, there’s one. There is a simple logic – you have a house, you will face plumbing problems. Even though, you have a well-maintained house with properly installed plumbing fixtures, you will definitely face some sort of plumbing problem with your toilet, sink or drain. Today, two of our clients took the initiative to talk over the plumbing problems and how they got over with them.

The conversation starts between two best friends who are also our clients, named Rodriguez & George.

Rodriguez – Hi George, how was your weekend? And by the way, why didn’t you show up at my house, I was waiting for you. Hope all is well!

George – Don’t ask about my weekend friend, it was an awful day. I struggled with a plugged toilet.

Rodriguez – Ohhh, but why didn’t you call Santos Water Service & Drain? They would have solved the issue within a few minutes. Those guys are great when it comes to plumbing problems.

office-phone-clipart-man_on_phone1George – Santos?? Who are they? I don’t know them? I called some other plumbers that my neighbour suggested but they were so lazy. Can you believe it, they arrived an hour late and that too without any appropriate equipment. I was so pissed at them, but somehow they managed to unclog the toilet after a lot of struggles. But, today I noticed that the toilet still drains slowly and I’m really worried.

Rodriguez – Haha, a friend in need is a friend indeed – Remember.

George – Oh Rodriguez, stop it and please help me out.

Rodriguez – Okay Okay, relax, we will call Santos Water Service & Drain to solve your clogged toilet issue once and for all.

George – No, Not Happy … First let me know more about them. This time I’m not gonna waste my money on any of the plumbing services before calling them. Ok, tell me – do they provide emergency services? Like what if I call them at 12 midnight or 4 o’clock in the morning.

Rodriguez – My friend you can call them anytime – they provide 24X7 Emergency Plumbing and Drain Repair services in Toronto and its surrounding areas. And the best thing I like about them is – they always show up on time and are always equipped with the latest equipments and techniques to prevent the plumbing or drain issue in a timely and discreet manner. I hope you are satisfied with my answer.

George – Well, quite impressive. But.. wait …I am not COMPLETELY satisfied yet. I have another question.

Rodriguez – Aaahhhh ….not a problem…you just shoot it.

George – Oh Man! You sound so confident. I hope those guys haven’t bribed you or hired you for their promotion …Haha. Ok, I am thinking of getting my household pipes inspected once as to identify the potential issues at the earliest stage. How Santos Water Service & Drain will inspect my home’s pipes? What equipments they will use to reach the problematic areas?

Rodriguez – George, Santos is known for providing high quality plumbing and drain services. They always strive to do better and maintain excellent relationships with their clients. Their technicians are highly professional and factory-trained. They use the latest drain camera inspection technology to reach the problematic areas within the pipes without any hassle. The CCTV camera allows the plumber to pinpoint the problem and undertake an appropriate solution to eliminate the issue. This inspection will also uncover the hidden issues, including broken underground pipes, tree root infestation, water infiltration, etc.

George – This sounds interesting! Do they also deal with frozen pipes? Every year I have to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the pipes that are damaged because of the cold weather.

Rodriguez – Yes, my dear friend, they will not only unfreeze your pipes, but will also guide you about preventive measures to prevent frozen pipes. They implement different techniques to thaw your home’s pipes, including hot water, propane torches, heat lamps etc. Just give them an opportunity to handle your frozen pipes once.

George – Rodriguez, why you talk so much! Just give me the contact number soon. You know my toilet is clogged badly.

Rodriguez – Haha, it’s you who wasted so much of time discussing all these things. I told you they are the best plumbing and drain service in Toronto. Here’s the number – 416-824-3352

9George – Thanks a lot, once my plumbing issue is resolved, we will have some treat at my place.

Rodriguez – Oh relax, now you have Santos with you, just forget about the toilet issue. Will see you soon at your place. Good Luck!

Santos Water Service & Drain is a name Toronto residents rely on when it comes to quality plumbing services. We are ranked #1 in customer satisfaction. Let our plumbers handle the drainage and plumbing system of your home or business.

Call us Today to avail our professional plumbers in Toronto.


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