What Is The Right Time To Re-Pipe Your Home

woman-calling-a-plumber-service-to-fix-drain-pipe-blockage-2A leak here, a clog there – these are normal plumbing problems that occur in almost every home in Toronto. A clogged drain or pipe doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace all the pipes of your place. However, wise home owners keep an eye on their home’s plumbing and drainage system, especially if it is getting old. Every home owner knows that water damage is often a huge and costly issue. That’s why it is essential to consult 24 hour plumber in Toronto to check the plumbing pipes and implement the best solution to prevent the problems and keep them in top working condition. You must consider consulting drain repair service in Toronto if you find any of the following signs.

Signs That You Need To Re-Pipe Your Home

addLow Water Pressure – Low water pressure is one of the most common symptoms of a faulty piping system. Debris in water, water leaks, mineral deposit build-up, etc. can lead to low water pressure. Professional technicians can identify and troubleshoot the problem in a timely and discreet manner.

Reoccurring Leaks – Consistently reoccurring leaks can be the outcome of a breakdown somewhere within the pipes. There can be one or several leaks that are less visible.

How-Old-Are-Your-Plumbing-Pipes2Odd Colouring or Smell –  Odd smell or colour of water is not only repulsive, but it also means that the pipes are corroding due to rust. Even if the water appears fine after a few seconds of running, it is still time to consider replacing the pipes.

Inconsistent Temperature – Inconsistent temperature is a clear indication of ageing pipes that are too old to function properly. If you have ever experienced a warm shower turning scalding suddenly after someone flushed a toilet, it is time to re-pipe.

Loud Noises – Loud noises like banging or creaking coming from the pipes when the water is turned on or off. These noises may be the outcome of loosely attached pipe or expansion and contraction of water pipes. It is advised to consult a reliable plumber in your Toronto area to inspect the pipes and take an appropriate action.

Make sure you neversantos-logo hire an unlicensed plumbing service or attempt to re-pipe a house yourself. It may seem a cost-effective option initially, but it can lead to some expensive repairs in the absence of appropriate equipments and skills.

The expert plumbers of Santos Water Service & Drain, have the right knowledge and expensive to tackle any Toronto residential or commercial plumbing project. No plumbing job is too big or too small for us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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