6 Homemade Remedies For Drain Cleaning

drain cleaning emergency

Most of us may have gone through the reckless problem of drain clogs. The major cause of drain clogging is chemical concentration, grease accumulation and food residue buildup. These clogs can even require repair or professional cleaning, which may disturb your budget. To save yourself from big trouble never ignore the warning signs of drain clogging. Before seeking any professional help, use some home made tips to unclog your drain pipes.

6 Most effective homemade drain cleaning tips include:

1. Hot water cleaning: Though seems to be simple, hot water cleaning can clean your clogged or dirty drains allowing them to return to peak performance. Flush your drain pipes with hot water and a combination of water pressure, force and heat to dislodge clogged materials. Follow this technique for about 15 minutes for an effective result.

2. Liquid Cleaners: If hot water cleaning doesn’t work well, you can try cleaning clogged drains using homemade liquid cleaners. These solutions can break down and dislodge buildup. They also come with less risk of pipe damage or deterioration. The most effective mixture is vinegar and baking soda, which when combined reacts to break down accumulations within pipes. Pour a cup of this mixture into your drain pipe with 3 minutes time-span.

3. Sugared Sodas: Sugary sodas and soft drinks can resolve common drain clogs. Phosphoric acid included in soda can break clogged debris. It is considered safer and effective than other commercial cleaners.

maxresdefault4. Drain Snake: This tool is used by professional plumbers to relieve clogged and drain pipes. It doesn’t need any expert to handle and use this tool. It is easy to use and handy. If drain clogging and accumulation is a common problem for you, then you must buy this for home use. The drain snake is made to run in your clogged pipes by turning the handle clockwise. Rotate the snake against blockage to latch clogged materials. Then slowly pull out the drain snake to remove clogs.

5. Bent Wire Hanger: Take a wired hanger and stretch to straighten it. Then, bend an end to create a hook like structure. Put this hanger into the drain pipe. All types of stuff will stick inside the hook and you can stuff it out then. Do this same for several times until you are able to unclog the drain.

6. Dish Detergent: If your kitchen drain is clogged, pour 1/4 cup of dish detergent in a bowl with hot water mixture. This solution will act as a lubricant to break up any greasy residue. Then take some hot water and plunge the pipe with the help of a rod.

Drain cleaning is a messy job and if any of your drain pipes get clogged, you’ll need professional help. Before hiring any professional, try these homemade remedies. Santos water is a drain cleaning service in Toronto with experienced and licensed cleaners who provides you with effective drain service.


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