4 Methods For Drain and Pipe Cleaning During Winters

freeze-pipe_There are many essential home repairs and maintenance tasks that needs to be done before the oncoming of winter season, especially if you are a responsible homeowner. Among them, an important one is paying timely attention to the plumbing repairs. As the temperature goes on, dropping, more things are prone to go wrong due to frozen and clogged pipes.

Any difficulty or clog may arise in an unexpected moment. Cold and freezing weather is harmful to both the kitchen pipes and drains. In case a pipe isn’t draining out water, there may be some drainage problem. If you find trouble while dealing with residential drains or other plumbing needs, call the professional plumbers in Toronto for effective service.

Few ways for winter drain and pipe cleaning are:

insulate-water-pipes1. Insulate Pipes: In case, the pipes or faucets in your home are located underground or in unheated areas, such as a garage or crawl space, there’s great need to wrap them for proper insulation. This technique can act as a defensive measure for winter air and can prevent a drain from freezing.

2. Close Exterior Vents: Most of the exterior vent pipes are left open, such as those attached to a basement. This can cause cold air to enter inside, that can compel the pipes to freeze. It’s advised to close these vents in winter, to avoid the entrance of cold air.

3. Open Cabinets: Opening up the kitchen and bathroom cabinets will allow the warm air to reach down the pipes. This can help in warming up the pipes to a little extent. This is highly helpful when the temperature drops down in winters. Avoid using chemicals for cleaning the clogged drains, as they can further deteriorate the condition.

4. Clean the Drain: Drain cleaning is an essential aspect of regulatory maintenance. Regular cleaning or power flushing has a great importance, especially during winters. Its necessary to follow preventive measures for avoiding a drain from backing up. Most possibly, grease can build up quickly in kitchen pipes due to oily mixtures and food scraps. These buildups can cause large obstructions or serious clogs. To prevent all these issues, try to clean both the drain and pipes on a regular basis.

These were the few methods to be followed for cleaning and maintaining drains system during winters. Santos Water is a leading plumbing company in Toronto that offers top quality drain cleaning, hydro jetting and plumbing installation services for both residential and commercial needs at affordable prices.


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