4 Effective Benefits of Emergency Plumbing Service

One of the most encountered problem by home-owners is plumbing issues that can no longer wait for the next day repairs. The moment you realize that your drains and kitchen sinks are overflowing is quite disgusting. There is great need to resolve and repair the drain clogs or damaged pipes as soon as possible. For this, you may be call emergency plumbers in Toronto who can help you survive the discomfort associated with clogged drains.


What actually is emergency plumbing?

As the name suggests, it is a situation that needs prompt response. If your sink is overflowing, the chances are that soon the kitchen floor will become wet and you’ll run out of water. Since most of the plumbing repairs peep out when they are least expected, they require emergency plumbing service. By calling a company that offers emergency repairs, you can deal with midnight leaks too. Regardless of time and weather, a Toronto emergency plumber will reach your place with a priority.

Some benefits that can be enjoyed by calling emergency plumbing service are:

1. Saves time: As plumbers will reach you within the shortest possible time, there is no need to wait until the next day. This will save you with time and hassles. In case, you are facing an issue of burst pipes, clogged drains, leaky faucets, or any other serious issue, a professional will bring back everything to normal.

2. Fast response: This is what an emergency service is actually meant for i.e. promptness and promise to arrive as fast as possible. An expert well knows what an emergency is and therefore, is always ready to serve with everything he has.

3. Modern equipment: With technology changing and improving at a fast pace, many new methods and tools have come up that are effective in dealing with every kind of drain issues. An emergency plumber remains equipped with all necessary tools and equipments that can solve your problem in lesser time with no risk for damages.

4. Affordable service: Alike all other services offered by drain cleaning company in Toronto, emergency plumbing is an affordable one that can be availed by anyone. You don’t need to spend a lot on repairs or any replacements. In addition to this, by availing emergency plumbing service, one can resolve the root of the problem to prevent it later in the future.

These are some of the proven benefits offered by emergency plumbing service. Since drains and sinks are crucial home elements, maintain them regularly to ensure proper water flow.

Santos Water & Drain Service is a leading plumbing company that is proudly serving both residential and commercial clients in Toronto with effective drain cleaning, snaking, inspection and sump pump services among others at affordable costs.


Harmful Effects Of Chemical Cleaning On Drainage System

Drain cleaning is essential to prevent the water from backing up in the sewage pipes. Saving money is no doubt crucial, but comprising with the quality of cleaning just for saving a few bucks doesn’t sound appropriate. Moreover, there are few things that should not at all be compromised with.

When it comes to home maintenance, drainage system is one of the essential element that should be focused upon. Cleaning it regularly is crucial to provide an unrestricted flow of water. Using harsh chemicals to overcome the issue of clogged drains is an ideal way of saving money, but its regular use can greatly degrade the life of a drain pipe.

cropped-drain-plumbing-banner.jpgThough one can save money by using chemicals instead of professional cleaning, the results achieved may not be efficient or long lasting. To improve the performance of a drain, its essential to clean it using power flushing or hydro jet techniques. In case any of your residential drain pipes are clogged, avoid the forth coming problems by getting them cleaned from experienced plumbers or Toronto drain cleaners.

Few reasons not to use chemicals are:

1. Highly Toxic: Almost all chemicals are toxic in nature and can cause various damages to pipes and health risks to a family. Their contact and after use effects can cause irritation in eyes, nose, throat and skin. Chemical usage is injurious both to animal and human health.

2. Pipe Damage: Due to the presence of hydrochloric acid, these chemical liquids or powders can create large holes in the iron pipes, thereby causing costly damage. Since acids eat up the enamel present on the surface of sinks, pipes and bathtubs, even a minor damage will ask for complete replacement.

3. Environmental Damage: Chemical usage is harmful to environment and natural deposits. This is the only reason why certain chemicals are being banned in various countries. By getting mixed with water sources, they can turn them into toxic. The use of this contaminated water causes various health and hygiene issues in humans and animals. Instead of using harsh liquid cleaners, go for a home-made solution of baking soda and water which is both effective and eco-friendly.

4. Septic Damage: In order to get smooth running drainage system, its crucial to induce natural bacterial growth in septic tanks that helps in breaking down the waste material. By using chemical cleaners, these bacteria’s get killed and eventually the process of breakdown disrupts. To avoid the complete drainage system failure, its highly recommended not to use chemical cleaners.

These were the few harmful effects of using drain chemical cleaners. From the above discussion, its quite clear that chemicals can disrupt the natural flow of drains and can degrade the pipe materials. Santos Water & Drain Service is a premier plumbing company in Toronto that offers wide range of reliable and efficient drain cleaning , plumbing installation and power flushing services for residential and commercial clients at affordable prices.

What Is The Right Time To Re-Pipe Your Home

woman-calling-a-plumber-service-to-fix-drain-pipe-blockage-2A leak here, a clog there – these are normal plumbing problems that occur in almost every home in Toronto. A clogged drain or pipe doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace all the pipes of your place. However, wise home owners keep an eye on their home’s plumbing and drainage system, especially if it is getting old. Every home owner knows that water damage is often a huge and costly issue. That’s why it is essential to consult 24 hour plumber in Toronto to check the plumbing pipes and implement the best solution to prevent the problems and keep them in top working condition. You must consider consulting drain repair service in Toronto if you find any of the following signs.

Signs That You Need To Re-Pipe Your Home

addLow Water Pressure – Low water pressure is one of the most common symptoms of a faulty piping system. Debris in water, water leaks, mineral deposit build-up, etc. can lead to low water pressure. Professional technicians can identify and troubleshoot the problem in a timely and discreet manner.

Reoccurring Leaks – Consistently reoccurring leaks can be the outcome of a breakdown somewhere within the pipes. There can be one or several leaks that are less visible.

How-Old-Are-Your-Plumbing-Pipes2Odd Colouring or Smell –  Odd smell or colour of water is not only repulsive, but it also means that the pipes are corroding due to rust. Even if the water appears fine after a few seconds of running, it is still time to consider replacing the pipes.

Inconsistent Temperature – Inconsistent temperature is a clear indication of ageing pipes that are too old to function properly. If you have ever experienced a warm shower turning scalding suddenly after someone flushed a toilet, it is time to re-pipe.

Loud Noises – Loud noises like banging or creaking coming from the pipes when the water is turned on or off. These noises may be the outcome of loosely attached pipe or expansion and contraction of water pipes. It is advised to consult a reliable plumber in your Toronto area to inspect the pipes and take an appropriate action.

Make sure you neversantos-logo hire an unlicensed plumbing service or attempt to re-pipe a house yourself. It may seem a cost-effective option initially, but it can lead to some expensive repairs in the absence of appropriate equipments and skills.

The expert plumbers of Santos Water Service & Drain, have the right knowledge and expensive to tackle any Toronto residential or commercial plumbing project. No plumbing job is too big or too small for us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Excerpts from An Interesting Plumbing Discussion – Read On…

364e7Is there any homeowner in the Toronto area who has never faced any plumbing issue? Aaahh Well! I doubt, there’s one. There is a simple logic – you have a house, you will face plumbing problems. Even though, you have a well-maintained house with properly installed plumbing fixtures, you will definitely face some sort of plumbing problem with your toilet, sink or drain. Today, two of our clients took the initiative to talk over the plumbing problems and how they got over with them.

The conversation starts between two best friends who are also our clients, named Rodriguez & George.

Rodriguez – Hi George, how was your weekend? And by the way, why didn’t you show up at my house, I was waiting for you. Hope all is well!

George – Don’t ask about my weekend friend, it was an awful day. I struggled with a plugged toilet.

Rodriguez – Ohhh, but why didn’t you call Santos Water Service & Drain? They would have solved the issue within a few minutes. Those guys are great when it comes to plumbing problems.

office-phone-clipart-man_on_phone1George – Santos?? Who are they? I don’t know them? I called some other plumbers that my neighbour suggested but they were so lazy. Can you believe it, they arrived an hour late and that too without any appropriate equipment. I was so pissed at them, but somehow they managed to unclog the toilet after a lot of struggles. But, today I noticed that the toilet still drains slowly and I’m really worried.

Rodriguez – Haha, a friend in need is a friend indeed – Remember.

George – Oh Rodriguez, stop it and please help me out.

Rodriguez – Okay Okay, relax, we will call Santos Water Service & Drain to solve your clogged toilet issue once and for all.

George – No, Not Happy … First let me know more about them. This time I’m not gonna waste my money on any of the plumbing services before calling them. Ok, tell me – do they provide emergency services? Like what if I call them at 12 midnight or 4 o’clock in the morning.

Rodriguez – My friend you can call them anytime – they provide 24X7 Emergency Plumbing and Drain Repair services in Toronto and its surrounding areas. And the best thing I like about them is – they always show up on time and are always equipped with the latest equipments and techniques to prevent the plumbing or drain issue in a timely and discreet manner. I hope you are satisfied with my answer.

George – Well, quite impressive. But.. wait …I am not COMPLETELY satisfied yet. I have another question.

Rodriguez – Aaahhhh ….not a problem…you just shoot it.

George – Oh Man! You sound so confident. I hope those guys haven’t bribed you or hired you for their promotion …Haha. Ok, I am thinking of getting my household pipes inspected once as to identify the potential issues at the earliest stage. How Santos Water Service & Drain will inspect my home’s pipes? What equipments they will use to reach the problematic areas?

Rodriguez – George, Santos is known for providing high quality plumbing and drain services. They always strive to do better and maintain excellent relationships with their clients. Their technicians are highly professional and factory-trained. They use the latest drain camera inspection technology to reach the problematic areas within the pipes without any hassle. The CCTV camera allows the plumber to pinpoint the problem and undertake an appropriate solution to eliminate the issue. This inspection will also uncover the hidden issues, including broken underground pipes, tree root infestation, water infiltration, etc.

George – This sounds interesting! Do they also deal with frozen pipes? Every year I have to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the pipes that are damaged because of the cold weather.

Rodriguez – Yes, my dear friend, they will not only unfreeze your pipes, but will also guide you about preventive measures to prevent frozen pipes. They implement different techniques to thaw your home’s pipes, including hot water, propane torches, heat lamps etc. Just give them an opportunity to handle your frozen pipes once.

George – Rodriguez, why you talk so much! Just give me the contact number soon. You know my toilet is clogged badly.

Rodriguez – Haha, it’s you who wasted so much of time discussing all these things. I told you they are the best plumbing and drain service in Toronto. Here’s the number – 416-824-3352

9George – Thanks a lot, once my plumbing issue is resolved, we will have some treat at my place.

Rodriguez – Oh relax, now you have Santos with you, just forget about the toilet issue. Will see you soon at your place. Good Luck!

Santos Water Service & Drain is a name Toronto residents rely on when it comes to quality plumbing services. We are ranked #1 in customer satisfaction. Let our plumbers handle the drainage and plumbing system of your home or business.

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5 Essentials Kitchen Plumbing Tips You Should Never Miss

Selection_103The kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home which is equipped with gas, electricity and an effective drain system to clear out the unwanted waste developed over time. Therefore, a good keep-up is necessary to maintain the plumbing system, otherwise you will end up paying for a drain repair in Mississauga. Fortunately, there are many reliable and cost effective services available for the drain cleaning in Mississauga. So, you can easily take the advantage of these professional services.

However, it is always better to maintain the kitchen sinks and drain pipes in order to avoid the emergency plumbing situations. For the sake of convenience, you must inspect your kitchen pipes periodically. Here are the quick tips to help you maintain plumbing system in your kitchen.

1. Maintain Your Drains

Drain_cleaningEvery other day, you might have noticed plumbers visiting your neighbourhood houses to fix the clogged pipes in Mississauga. To stay at bay from such inconvenience, make sure that sinks in the kitchen are in proper running condition. To do so, you will need to stop putting food waste in the kitchen sinks. Instead, use a catcher to filter out the solid food waste, avoiding it to flow away in the drain system. The next step is to avoid putting the oily waste which can choke the drainage pipes. Make a habit to safely dispose the junk.

White vinegar or soda bicarbonate can work effectively in unblocking the pipes. Make sure you leave these chemicals in the sink for a while. Pour a bucket of boiling water after some time to clear the obstructed pipes.

2. Don’t Neglect Kitchen Fittings

Emergency_plumbingKitchen tap is the most frequently used fittings in any home. Thus, becomes an important subject of attention with regard to its maintenance. The dripping water, loose washers, leaking taps and misaligned connections are the most common plumbing issues found in the kitchen fittings which can be easily fixed by a quick visit of nearby reliable service for drain repair in Mississauga.

3. Install A Garbage Disposal Unit

Install a garbage disposal unit underneath your kitchen sink to dispose off the solid food articles. This will help in clearing the kitchen pipes which usually get blocked by huge food articles, over time. However, make sure to clean this unit periodically to avoid the unpleasant odours in your cooking area.

4. Maintain Appliances In Your Kitchen

Most of the home-owners fail to check the appliances installed in the kitchen such as dishwashers, causing blockage in the number of pipes. These sophisticated appliances should never be neglected and must be timely checked for inflow and outflow of water during their operations.

Regular inspection is necessary to avoid expensive drain repairs in the future. If you have not yet cared to check the plumbing condition in your kitchen, waste no time further to contact a trustworthy service for a drain repair in Mississauga.

Are you searching a professurl (copy)ional assistance for drain cleaning in Mississauga? Fortunately, you have come at the right place. We, at Santos Water Service & Drain, is a one stop solution for all of your plumbing needs in major cities like Toronto, Mississauga etc. Our licensed and highly expert technicians have served thousands of families in Ontario. Give us a quick call for a hassle free service.

How To Use A Plumbing Snake Efficiently

A clogged drain can wreak havoc the whole plumbing system of your home. Clogged drains are one of the most common and daunting issues in a home. Such conditions can be handled only by professionals who hold the right knowledge and tools to help you get rid of them in less time. The problem of a plugged drain can be eliminated with the help of plumber’s snake. It is a tool meant for drain cleaning and mostly used by expert plumbers.

Santos-Water-Plumbing contractors Toronto    SantosWater-Drain-Camera-Inspection

A plumbing snake is a flexible auger meant to prevent the clogs in the pipes that couldn’t be removed with a plunger. Snakes are made of a coiled steel wire having a device with a crank attached at one end.

Plumbing Snake

Plumbing snake is quite a complex tool to handle. Go through the guide to know how to efficiently use the plumbing snake.

  • Before employing the plumbing snake, keep towels and a bucket besides you to collect the water that may overflow and run on the ground. Put on gloves as the snake cable will get dirty and slimy while drain snaking.
  • In order to access the drain conveniently, make sure you remove the drain cover.
  • Home-owners need to be meticulous while performing snaking job. Start with the smallest snake to prevent the problem. If it fails to do so, use a larger one. When it is put inside the drain, rotate it clockwise but make sure you don’t create any pressure inside otherwise you’ll damage the plumbing fixtures.
  • Slide in the snake until you discover the blockage. Keep repositioning the grip within the certain inches of the entry way near the pipe as you put the snake into the drain.
  • If you cannot discover the clog, run the snake in along with the branch pipe. In the branch tube, if no clog appears, the blockage may be in the vent sack or within the sewer line. In such a situation, you need to call an expert.
  • After discovering the actual blockage, smoothly rotate the head of the snake to lock the clog into it. Once you have a firm grip over it, take out the snake from the drain. This may be a little messy, but the bucket and towel will provide substantial help to you.
  • Make sure you prevent the remaining debris inside the pipe by running hot water down the drain. This will completely wash away the residues and clear the pipe.

Plumbing snakes are beneficial tool to unblock a drain. It is crucial to utilize the snake properly in order to avoid expensive plumbing repairs.

Santos Water provides a wide range of plumbing and drain repair solutions in Toronto. Our experienced  plumbers provide quality plumbing and drain services in residential and commercial complexes.

Top 5 Frozen Pipes Repair Tips for Pipe Bursting Prevention

Frozen water pipes in Toronto is something from which most households suffer. Plumbers in Toronto receive at least 20 service calls a day for frozen pipe repair. Having a frozen pipe in the building or your home is a horrific situation. It won’t just lead to the bursting of pipe but will also create destruction of your home, building and personal belongings. The end result of such a catastrophe is structural damage in the form of cracks, crevices and moulds.


Why Do Pipes Burst on Freezing?

Water has a property of expanding while freezing. This property leads to an increase in the pressure exerted by water on the pipes. However, an important point that must be understood is that it’s not always the outward pressure of water that leads to pipe burst. In case of complete blockage of pipe by ice, water gets trapped with ice at one end and a closed faucet at the other end. With increase in expansion and pressure, pipe ultimately gets blocked and bursts at the pipe’s weakest point.

Following are some common plumbing tips which can be used to prevent pipes from getting frozen:

1. Adjust the Thermostat – While saving cash on the utility bills is on everybody’s mind, however, one should not do it at the cost and comfort of the pipes. Homes that were built years ago and are old should be insulated to their best so as to keep the temperature of the home reasonable. This is a great way to keep the pipes healthy.

2. If Away, Turn-Off Main Valve – If you’re planning to escape to a place that has warm weather, make sure you turn-off your main water valve. This will ultimately prevent the water from trickling down the faucets and will save it from getting frozen while you’re away at another place. This can also help you to save on your water bill.

3. Leave a Drip – It’s an old advice and it definitely works. By leaving a tiny drip on the faucet, one can keep the water to move just enough so that freezing of pipe can be prevented. But a major point with this tactic is that all the faucets of the home must be left to drip including those that are present in the basement or garden.

4. Keep Cabinets Open – For pipes present inside the cabinets, open the cabinets and let the pipes get heated by your home’s heat. It won’t add much to your energy bill but can definitely save your pipes from getting frozen and bursting. Moreover, the dent in your utility bill is nothing as compared to the cost of frozen pipe repair.

5. Use a Space Heater – Space heaters have a wide array of uses. Apart from the people, they can be used to protect pipes that don’t bear any protective covering against cold temperature. A space heater is a temporary approach to fix frozen pipes till the time professional protection for frozen water pipes in Toronto is reached.

Having a frozen water pipe in the building is a nuisance and the burst of such a pipe is a bigger nuisance. We, at Santos Water, have been ranked as one of the best frozen pipe repair company in Toronto. Call us anytime at (416) 824 – 3352 to get a ‘Quote’ on our services.